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Good Friday & Easter Sunday Services

  • Posted On: 01/02/2019

Good Friday Service at 10:45 am

Easter Sunday Service at 10:45 am


 Dear Friends and Neighbours

We are approaching that Special time of Easter, a time that offers LOVE and HOPE to the world.

Jesus, gave HIS life on Good Friday to show the world how much God loves the world as he sacrifices HIS Son for all of us, for the forgiveness of our sins.

God then raises Jesus from the dead on Easter Sunday, to give to ALL who call on him as Lord and Saviour the HOPE of eternal life.

Kenton Methodist Church would like to give you this booklet filled with stories of HOPE which in these days we need to hear more than ever.

We also invite you to join us for our Easter Services: On Good Friday at 10.45am and then on Easter Sunday at 10.45am, let us celebrate the Love and Hope that Jesus offers to All.

God Bless



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